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The Apple Watch is the best and most accurate wrist worn fitness tracker. It can give you notifications at a glance and allows you to respond to messages. Oh, and it also tells the time! But just as with every other beautiful Apple device, its glass and it breaks.  

Apple Watch

Apple Watch Screen Repair

To repair the Apple Watch screen starts at $129 and can generally be completed within 24 hours. No appointment needed, simply stop by anytime. Call or message us for more information.

Apple Watch Battery upgrde

It's a fact of life: batteries wear out. Is your battery not lasting as long as it used to? Come see us today and we can put a brand new battery in for you. This service normally runs $79.

Liquid Damage Service

Water resistant and "splash-proof" don't always cut it. If your Apple Watch happened to have an accident involving liquids we can help! A liquid cleaning for a watch takes about 24 hours and runs $90.