Here at Fallen Apples we want to be able to offer you a one-stop for all your repair needs. We offer so much more than just repairing the broken screen on you iPhone, we can also diagnose and repair software on your computer, perform data recovery of your failing hard drive and we even buy and sell computers! 



Had your computer for a few years and it's getting slow and running hot? We can give your Mac the TLC it needs!

Liquid Cleaning

Had an accident with this morning's coffee? Water bottle suddenly open in you bag? Don't despair, all hope is not lost! Our liquid cleaning service goes far beyond just drying out the machine, we scrub down every component. We can liquid clean any device; MacBooks, iPhone, iPads and more!

Data Recovery

Hard drives don't last forever and when they go bad you're gonna have a bad day, especially if that data isn't backed up. Hard drive failed? Delete some files? Let our techs dig in to your hard drive and get those files back for you. 


Have an older computer the that become outdated? Chances are there are a few components that can be swapped out for newer upgraded ones. Don't drop a couple grand on a new computer when you can beef up the one you already have.

Buy and Sell

Get a new computer? Old one gathering dust? Let that computer make you some money! Bring your computer by and we will evaluate it to see what top dollar you can get for it.

Mail-In Repair

We are more than happy to take a look at your computer, even if you're not in the neighborhood. Just mail it on over and we will call you with a no obligation evaluation.