Mac Repair

Here at Fallen Apples we specialize in the repair, maintenance and upgrade of Macintosh computers. Our services include full service tune-up and diagnostics, hard drive and solid state drive upgrades, battery replacement and memory upgrades. Call or stop by anytime for a free evaluation.


MacBook Pro Repair

The MacBook pro is by far the most powerful laptop on the market today. Built for portability but also for speed. But even the almighty MacBook Pro is not impervious. If yours had started to slow down or been at the center of an accident, we can help.

iMac Repair

Apple's all-in-one desktop, the iMac. Built to just sit there and look pretty, right? NOPE! You need your iMac  to be in peak shape for the best performance. When you bring your iMac to us we will make sure to get repaired and back to you ASAP.

Mac Pro Repair

Whether it's the new black "trashcan" Mac Pro that is beautiful enough for a museum or the previous silver "cheese grater" that is as modular as a Lego set, we can keep your machine running as long as you want to keep it. 

MacBook Air Repair

Running out of storage on your lighter-than-air laptop? We can upgrade it! Drop it and break the screen? We can replace it! And all done before you have to turn in your next project.

MacBook Repair

The MacBook, first released in 2006 in white and black, updated in 2009 with a polycarbonate unibody shell and then drastically remodeled in 2015. No matter what model you have we can take care of you. Bring it in today for a free evaluation.

Mac Mini Repair

The smallest computer Apple makes, the Mac Mini. But even big things come in small packages, this Mac is no less powerful than any of it's brothers. Call us today to see what upgrades we can offer you!