iPhone Repair

The iconic, the original, the most fragile iPhone. These beautiful and sleek devices can not always stand up to the rigors of real life. That's where we come in! From display replacements to liquid cleaning to battery replacements and everything in between, we've got you (and your iPhone) covered!


iPhone 7 Plus Repair

They may have made the iPhone mostly waterproof but it sure isn't mostly drop-proof yet. We can get you back to taking fancy portraits with those two cameras before you can say "Cheese!".

iPhone 7 Repair

Red and yellow, black and white, we love all the iPhones of the world! No matter what color you have they can all end up broken but we can get your iPhone back to new and shiny. Bring it in and we'll work it out.

iPhone 6s Plus Repair

Sometimes the plus sized phone can be too much for even two hands. And no one wants to put a big bulky case on their beautiful sleek iPhone. Allow us to be there for you and your iPhone. 

iPhone 6s Repair

Did gravity get the upper hand? Apple may have made the display pressure sensitive on the iPhone 6s but they didn't make it drop-proof. Whether your iPhone took a tumble or the camera stopped working, we can get it back in working order with minimal investment.

iPhone 6 Plus Repair

Bigger is better, right? Well, the bigger they are the harder they fall. If your iPhone 6 Plus has fallen we can help it get back up. No problem (or iPhone) is too big for us!

iPhone 6 Repair

The second time Apple increased the size of the iPhone was for the iPhone 6. With a new design this iPhone is smooth, sleek and bendy. If you've bent your iPhone 6 it's no big deal, we can just straighten it back out for you in no time!

iPhone SE Repair

With the SE Apple kept the classic look of the 5s but gave it snappy new upgrades. Keeping the same design means we have had a lot of experience working with this particular iPhone! Swapping out a broken screen for you can be done in a flash. 

iPhone 5S Repair

The iPhone 5s was Apple's first iPhone with a fingerprint reader. If you're still rocking a 5s chance are you have lots of memories with it. No matter how many sidewalks it's hit or drinks have been spilled on it we can keep it running.

iPhone 5C Repair

So many colors! The iPhone 5c came in five vibrant colors: White, Pink, Yellow, Blue, Green. No matter what color you have we can still fix it!

iPhone 5 Repair

When the iPhone 5 was introduced it was the first time (but not the last) Apple increased the screen size, from 3.5" to an even 4". But a bigger screen just means easier to break! We can replace your screen or aging battery in a snap.

iPhone 4S Repair

Hello, Siri! Apple first introduced their familiar assistant with the iPhone 4s. Even being a few years old this phone still has class. We have no problem helping you keep this phone in business as long as you like.

iPhone 4 Repair

Yes, there are still a few iPhone 4 being used today. This was the first really great iPhone, stainless steel chassis, glass front and back and the super crisp Retina display. We can keep your iPhone 4 running as long as you want to keep using it.