App Highlight - Clips by Apple


Taking and sharing pictures and videos on an iPhone or iPad can be lots of fun. Sometimes just adding an Instagram filter just doesn’t seem like enough, doesn’t do it justice. That’s where Apple’s Clips app comes in! Clips allows you to quickly and easily create fun and unique videos highlighting moments of your favorite pictures and videos.

Using apps like iMovie can be complicated with tracks and timelines but Clips aim to keep things easy. Simply touch and hold a single button to take video and photos, or add them from the Photo Library. Then add filters, speech bubbles, shapes or emoji, and Disney and Pixar characters. You can also add custom text just by speaking!


In addition Clips also has built in music to choose from; the music automatically adjusts to fit your video. There are full size titles and posters with animated text and background effects to give your videos just a little more flair. 

Sharing your videos from Clips is just as easy. Simply tap the share button and you can upload directly to Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and many other social media platforms you use. You can also share the video through Messages, Clips will recommend users you share with the most. Or if you wish, you can simply save the video to your Photo Library to share later.

Clips by Apple can be downloaded for free from the App Store.