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Early iPhone X Reviews

The iPhone X is only a couple days away from the hands of the general public (including myself) but the tech press have begun releasing early reviews of the highly anticipated device. So far all the reviews are mostly positive, even when it comes to FaceID (which ‘failed’ at Apple’s press event). I have yet to get my hands on one so at the moment I am relying on early reviewers for their best impressions.

One of biggest changes coming with the iPhone X is the removal of the Touch ID and home button. The device now unlocks by using Face ID, it will open simply using facial recognition. Face ID ‘failed’ during Apple’s press event, the explanation was that too many other people had handled it so it locked out (a security feature). So far the consensus is that Face ID works well enough to replace Touch ID, has the same if not better consistency. Here are what one reviewer had to say about it:

Geoffrey Fowler of The Washington Post - “In my initial tests, it worked nine times out of 10. You really have to hold it in front of your face like you’re taking a selfie. Too close, in particular, and it won’t work. It recognized me in the dark, and when I put on sunglasses — but not when, in the interest of science, I put on a fake beard. (Apple says it adapts to handle beards when they come on more slowly.)”

Then there’s the new display, an all new Apple OLED edge-to-edge (mostly) display. The entire front of the phone is the screen, minus the ‘notch’ at the top which Apple calls the sensor housing. The sis where the True Depth camera system lives (more on that later). As always, Apple’s display is top-notch (no pun intended). 

Nilay Patel of The Verge - “Apple’s using a Samsung-manufactured OLED panel with a PenTile pixel layout on the iPhone X, but it’s insistent that it was custom-engineered and designed in-house. Whatever the case, the results are excellent: the iPhone X OLED is bright, sharp, vibrant without verging into parody, and generally a constant pleasure to look at.”

Back to that notch, this is where the iPhone X houses the True Depth camera system that powers Face ID. But this system also allows for portrait mode selfies, giving the ability to add depth of field and change the lighting with portrait lighting. A lot of people were worried about how it’s going to look and affect the use of the phone but it seems as it really isn’t that big a deal:

Matthew Panzarino of Techcrunch - “In use, I have to say, the notch is just zero problem for me. I don’t give a rat’s ass about it. I know I’ll probably catch heat but I’m not carrying water for Apple here. I think it is absolutely a compromise but, after using Face ID and the True Depth camera for other stuff, I am willing to deal with it.”

I will definitely be posting some pictures and videos on Friday as soon as I get my hands on the iPhone X. If you have any questions about any of the new iPhones feel free to leave a comment!

iOS 11 Release Day

iOS 11

The day is finally here! After a few months of teases and public and developer betas iOS 11 is available to the general public. This version of iOS can be installed on iPhones 5s and newer, iPad Mini 2 and up, iPad Air and up and iPod Touch 6th Gen. There are a TON of new features, too many to list all of them so I am just going to highlight a few for you.


There are a lot of functionality changes coming to the iPad that bring it closer to a desktop system and may make it even more of an option to be a laptop replacement. 

iPad Multitasking

The Dock

No longer is the dock stuck only to the home screen but can now be accessed from anywhere with just a swipe up from the bottom. The left side of your dock can be customized with whatever apps you want to put in it, just like before and now the right side of the dock will show apps that you’ve recently opened.


There is a new app called Files that gives you easier access to all your files stored on your iPad, on iCloud and even services like Google Drive, Dropbox and Adobe Cloud. From Files you can browse, organize and share all your files. The Files app will also be available on iPhones.

Drag and Drop

Multitasking on the iPad keeps getting better and better. iOS 10 introduced ‘Slide-over’ and ‘Split View’ but now you can communicate more easily between those apps. You can move just about anything anywhere betweens apps. Simply drag a picture into a message or drag a PDF from Files into an e-mail.


Augmented Reality


Probably the most awesome features coming to iOS is improved augmented reality. Apple developed a powerful tool for developers called ARkit and the test videos that have been released over the last few months show amazing potential. From playing games on a tabletop to trying on a new tattoo to redecorating your house, there are endless possibilities. I for one am extremely excited about AR in iOS 11.

Apple Pay

Apple Pay

With the iPhone 6 Apple introduced Apple Pay and now they are expanding that to allow person to person exchanges. Now you can immediately pay your friend back for that lunch or movie ticket, right in iMessages. Now, this feature will not immediately be available at launch, it will be coming in a future update.

Live Photos

Ever take a photo at just the wrong time and wish you could choose just a moment right before the photo was actually snapped? Well now you can! One new feature of Live Photos is the ability to choose which image is the key image. No more half-closed eyes or blurry slightly turned heads.

Another cool feature of Live Photos is the option to choose how that ‘video’ loop is played out. By default there is a start and an end, but now you can choose to have it Loop, Bounce (play forward then backward), or to combine all the frames from the Live Photo into a Long Exposure image.

Do Not Disturb

Do Not Disturb While Driving

Your iPhone can now automatically sense when you are driving and silence all notifications for the duration of your drive. People trying to message you can be notified by a custom message that you are driving and will respond when you arrive. I feel like this is a really big one, others may just find it an annoyance. Although if you’re someone who finds it annoying maybe you need to check your texting and driving habits…

More Features

App Store

Apple has also made improvements to Siri with a better, more natural sounding voice, added the ability to provide translations and much more. The App Store has been redesigned to give a more personal connection and allow developers to tell their story about the app they created. Control Center has a all new look and feel, you can now customize the icons that appear, depending on what you use Control Center for the most.

These just scratch the surface of what Apple has introduced with iOS 11. Visit Apple’s website for more detailed information or a full list of what’s in store for your device after you upgrade. As always, **BACK UP YOUR DEVICE BEFORE PERFORMING AN UPGRADE**. Apple does a great job to limit the amount of issues with upgrading but you don’t want to be ‘that guy’ who loses everything.

Apple iPhone Event Announcement

Apple Event

Well, it's official! Apple has set the date for their next event, September 12th. It will be their first even on the new Apple Campus in the brand new Steve Jobs Theater. Apple will (presumably) be discussing the details of the next generation iPhone(s) as well as giving more details on a few more of their upcoming products.

Nothing is ever really 'official' until Apple themselves announce a product so I won't go in to too much detail, but there have been a few rumors circulating about the new iPhones. One rumor is that there will be the normal cycle of iPhone iterations, the 7s and the 7s Plus. But in addition to those there may be a higher end iPhone with a different design and more features. Some of the rumored features are on OLED display, wireless charging, and no home button.

Also being given official release dates will be iOS 11, macOS 10.13 High Sierra, watchOS 4 and tvOS 11. These are the next versions of Apple's operating systems for their respective devices. It would be my recommendation to NOT download these new systems for AT LEAST the first month unless you are OK with dealing with potential bugs. And even then, before you upgrade **BACK EVERYTHING UP**!!

The event will be available to live stream, if you are a fan boy like myself and are interested in that sort of thing. Just visit Apple's website on Sept. 12th at 10AM PDT to watch the live stream. If you miss it I'm sure the entire internet will be all abuzz about all the details.

Say Goodbye to the iPod Nano

iPod Nano Lineup

Well, it's official. Apple has discontinued yet another of it's iPod line, the iPod Nano. Apple has been narrowing it's iPod line for years now starting with the click-wheel iPod classic back in 2014. The iPod lineup has been ever-shifting with different models like the mini and the shuffle, each having a unique place in the iPod line. Now Apple is making it easy to choose which iPod to buy with less options to choose from, which color and how much storage.

iPod Touch Lineup

An Apple spokesperson said, "Today, we are simplifying our iPod lineup with two models of iPod touch now with double the capacity starting at just $199 and we are discontinuing the iPod shuffle and iPod nano.” Thankfully Apple did increase the storage capacity for the Touches at the same price point, previously they were offering 16GB and 64GB.