iPhone SE Repair

With the SE Apple kept the classic look of the 5s but gave it snappy new upgrades. Keeping the same design means we have had a lot of experience working with this particular iPhone! Swapping out a broken screen for you can be done in a flash. 

iPhone SE

iPhone SE Screen Repair

To repair the iPhone SE screen will run $89 and only takes 30 minutes. No appointment needed, simply stop by anytime. Call or message us for more information. 

SE Battery Replacement

It's a fact of life: batteries wear out. Is your battery not lasting as long as it used to? Come see us today and we can put a brand new battery in for you in 30 minutes or less. This normally runs $50.

Liquid Damage Cleaning

Pool, toilet, drink - we've seen it all. If your SE happened to have an accident involving liquids we can help! A liquid cleaning for an iPhone takes about 24 hours and runs $90.