Stuff breaks, we can fix it.


Accidents happen. You knock your MacBook Pro off the couch and break the beautiful Retina display. Things wear out. Your iMac starts to run slow and stops working. And it always happens at the most convenient time, right? That is why we want to make this as easy and smooth for you as possible. No appointments and low cost, just come by at a time that is convenient for you for a free evaluation of your device.



These small and mighty devices might be precious to us but they are most often the most fragile. Don't worry, this isn't our first rodeo, we've seen (and can fix) just about everything. Broken iPhone screen repair is the most common repair we perform. Call or stop by for more information about our iPhone, iPad and iPod repairs.

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MacbOok Pro // iMac // mac pro

Have a slow Mac? Visit a site you maybe shouldn't have and now have annoying pop-ups everywhere? Tip that tea a little to close to the laptop and now have liquid damage? From upgrades to repairs, we've got you covered. Here at Fallen Apples we specialize in Mac repair so we know the ins and outs of everything MacBook, iMac and Mac Pro,

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